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Augmented Reality offers a whole new world of experiences to how we work, learn, play, and connect by overlaying and displaying real-time digital information and media. When it comes to the corporate world, developing an AR solution can prove to be a great medium for engaging employees and customers as it provides them the opportunity to view virtual objects such as project dashboard, blueprint, metering equipment, valve control, or a new building in a real environment.

OneKnotOne, as one of the top Augmented Reality Solution Providers, offers a wide range of enterprise solutions and mobile apps helping businesses harness the power of immersive experiences for better customer engagement and thereby maximize returns. Our AR developers are proficient at creating amazing experiences at the intersection of physical and digital worlds, which can be translated into benefits precisely tailored for your business.


Superimposition based AR utilizes object recognition to offer an alternate view of the object in concern. It either replaces the entire view or a portion of the object view with an augmented view of the object. This technology finds uses in various domains including healthcare, education and training, defense and tourism.


Outlining AR also uses object recognition to outline real world objects that are not or less visible to the human eye. We can build AR apps for outlining roads in foggy weather or in low-light conditions can help save you a mishap or outlining monuments can be an educational implementation of this technology.


Location based AR, also known as markerless, position based and geo-based augmented reality basically relies on GPS, accelerometer, digital compass and other technologies of your smart device. Our AR experts can develop location based AR apps for various domains including tourism, education, advertising, healthcare, and entertainment.


Projection based AR creates a digital operating canvas on virtually any surface and that can be interactive or non-interactive. It is flexible as well as customizable and thereby can be integrated into assembly lines and workstations on the factory floor, thus eliminating the need for hard copy or monitor-based work instructions.


Recognition based AR app focuses on recognition of objects and then providing information about that object. This technology finds use in various domains such as tourism for translation of words via phone camera, in education and real estate for creating 3D simulation of objects and others.

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