Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has redefined the way machines/devices operate in a way that they can analyze the environment, comprehend speech and gestures, interact in natural ways, and make complex decisions using data. From healthcare organizations developing AI solutions to streamline patient care to e-commerce brands setting up smart chat bots to transform customer service, we provide seamless merging of AI and Internet of Things (IoT) for holistic growth.AI is being scaled across major industry verticals at an enterprise level.

OneKnotOne employs its extensive expertise and experience to offer AI development services to help businesses streamline their operations as well as maximize returns. Our talented pool of AI solutions developers can help you bring efficiency in your business by implementing intelligent solutions that leverage AI, Machine Learning or Data Science. With our ardent knowledge and experience in designing, implementing, and integrating artificial intelligence solutions we drive your business forward with AI-powered business applications.


With our top-grade Artificial Intelligence development services, we empower businesses to harness the unparalleled benefits of machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence. This technology enables machines to leverage data for self-learning utilizing statistical techniques.


With our best in class chatbot development services, we enable clients to deliver personalized customer experiences and reap the rewards of customer satisfaction and loyalty. We help you engage your customers in their preferred communication platforms such as Messenger, Telegram, Slack, etc.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We leverage Natural Language Processing technology to design, develop and deploy solutions that are capable of analyzing, comprehending and rendering languages that humans use naturally. Thus we help you verbally communicate with computers the way you do with another person.


Our AI-enabled business decision management solutions utilize robust algorithms and predictive systems to empower clients to harness data-driven decisions. We help them effectively sustain in the dynamic business environment by solving their most challenging business problems.


Our facial recognition technology is capable of matching a human face from a digital image or a video frame against a database of faces, typically employed to authenticate users through ID verification services. At it core level it works by pinpointing and measuring facial features from a given image.

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